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Federico Mayor Zaragoza, in support of the DIGNAtarians Project



is a participatory project of social communication and photography. The participants of this project are individuals and groups who are most affected by the current economic crisis, and who are actively resisting what Ignacio Ramonet, former director of Le Monde Diplomatique, calls “economic sadism”.


DIGNAtariansplease visit the media gallery of the people featured in this project.




The project showcases the lives of some of the people of Olot (Catalonia, Spain) who are gravely impacted by the economic crisis. Ten giant outdoor posters that capture both the struggles and the hope of these individuals and families are displayed in public spaces in order to restore the dignity and the truth of these people as victims and survivors, and not as perpetrators, of the crisis.




This public exhibit informs civil society about the power and influence that financial institutions have in dismantling social services, decreasing political autonomy and limiting the rights and freedoms of Spain's general population, and especially those most marginalised and vulnerable.








This artistic social justice project serves as testimony and memory of a time and of a society in which people rise up every day to defend their Dignity.






Olot Hospici Building, home of the Olot´s Museum of The Garrotxa and La Caritat.



Video of the process of realizing the picture of a group of teachers of Olot and La Garrotxa.










The exhibition was inaugurated in Olot, Catalonia on International Workers' Day, the 1st of May, 2013 in part to commemorate the 26% of Spain's population who is currently unemployed. All of the members of civil society who actively participated throughout the creation of the public display also participated in the inauguration, sharing their messages of resistance and hope with their community that day. During all stages of the project, this group of participants engaged in activities of dialogue and empowerment, facilitated by Laia Canosa. 





The DIGNAtarians, those who participated in the project and were subsequently featured on canvas, expressed their appreciation of being listened to and honoured throughout the creation and inauguration phases of this social communication project. These DIGNAtarians participated in selecting and defining which messages would be highlighted in the public exhibit and how they would be conveyed. They selected one hundred quotes, which were read by volunteers from the public at the inauguration event, in a supportive and inspiring environmentPlease visit the photo gallery of the inauguration. (Photo credits: Aina Cortés and Jordi Ferrarons)


One of the DIGNAtarians, 10-year-old Lucia, suggested to keep the quotes for future demonstrations, and wove a basket to collect them after they were read. DIGNAtary Albert Mach created another piece of memorabilia of the group process, a yield sign button for everyone to wear that read: WE ARE HERE! (HI SOM!)







MEDIA COVERAGE AND PARTICIPATION (articles and videos in Catalan)


Project Description. Objectives, methodology, and call-out for public participation:

Article in El Punt-Avui, by Ramón Esteban
Interview in El Garrotxí.cat
Press Conference in the Townhall of Olot: OlotTV y El Garrotxí.cat

MAC Programme: Cultural Magazine of OlotTV

Project Closing. Participatory Inauguration:

Article by Jordi Casas in El Punt-Avui
TV broadcast on OlotTV (below)  






DIGNAtarians is financed by the Town of Olot's Cultural Institute and the Andruxai Foundation, with in-kind collaboration from the Museum of the Garrotxa.


Coordinated by Daniel Lagartofernández and Laia Canosa (www.andruxai.org)





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