OM MOHAMMAD, MOHAMMAD’S MOTHER: view the documentary.

Catalonia, 2011. OV: Arab. Catalan, Spanish and English subtitles, 16 minutes.




Om Mohammad. Mohammad’s Mother reflects a day in the life of Sabah, who directs the local association Beit Almostuqbul, which gives support to village women and families in a society with very little opportunities to receive public help.

This documentary intends to portray the daily life, problems and expectations shared by many women along the Gaza Strip.

Produced by the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP).




- FICBE 2011, IV International Festival of Social Themed Short Films

- KO&DIGITAL 2011, Solidarity International Film Festival

- CORTADA 2011, XV Vitoria-Gasteiz Short Film Festival

- ISLANTILLA CINEFORUM 2012, V Cinema Festival Under the Moon

- 4th Bilbao's Festival of Invisible Cinema FILME SOZIALAK 2012