LONG DISTANCE: watch the trailer.


SCREENED IN TV3 CHANNEL (March 2012): watch the film (OV catalan with English subtitles)


Directed and produced by Fred Ménier, Lagartofernández is co-scripter together with Fred Ménier and Aitor Guinea, and also plays the leading role.

Catalunya, 2010. OV: Catalan and Spanish. Spanish, English and French subtitles. 52 minutes

Produced by Patofilms.



Long Distance is a twin project running a parallel course with the Anonymous Heroes photography project.




- 1001 Documentaries, International Festival of Istambul  (2011)

- Selection for the Media Library of the Visions du Réel Festival (2012)

- Olot.doc, International Documentary Festival



- Special mention 2012 Girona International Film Festival