Written and directed by Dani Lagartofernández and Marian Piper. Produced by Marc Planagumà.

Catalonia, 2005. OV: Catalan, Spanish, Sarahule and Arab. Spanish and English subtitles. 42 minutes.



The film’s plot revolves around a love story between Aicha, a Maghribian girl who wears an Islamic hijab handkerchief, and Jordi. As the story unfolds, some other real life stories interweave it, like those of Nora, from Colombia, Ansoura, from Mauritania, and Mostafá, from Morocco, who all form part of the main migrant groups in the regions of Girona. The connecting thread among all these stories is an internet shop owned by Mostafá.

The film is supplemented with teaching aids for the classroom setting, forming part of an educational project carried out by a European network, Comenius-3 and it is used in secondary school cycles in Catalonia to work around the subject of diversity in the classroom. Also forming part of the group work are film-forums where students can reflect about the film’s themes and contents.



Neither easy nor difficult is a fiction documentary carried out to raise awareness about the realities of migrants, a fictional story that interweaves real life stories of foreigners living in Spain.




Girona International Film Festival: Best 2006 Documentary Award
Picassent Inquiet Festival: 2006 Honorary Award
2009 Francesc Candel Award, sponsored by Lluís Carulla Foundation with support from the Secretary of Immigration of the Department of Social Action and Citizenship of the Generalitat de Catalunya.